Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Beach trips, friends at work. - Jun 2024

Baseball games, beach, etc. - Sep 2023

Low morale, still recovering from covid lockdowns. Hopefully, morale might improve soon. There is a history of morale issues. The country is great, but working conditions are not, in my opinion. - Oct 2021

Drinking and dancing. I've heard prostitution is extremely common and I understand STDs rates are high. Dominicans are often looking for a relationship with a wealthy foreigner, man or woman. - Feb 2021

Pre-COVID, bars, restaurants, clubs, and the beach. Now mostly small groups at home and at the beach. - Jan 2021

Baseball games, the beach, restaurants, etc... - Jan 2019

Many nightlife and restaurant options; baseball games; day trips to beaches and mountains. - Nov 2016

Nightlife scene is not great. Mostly, you hang with friends and family. - Apr 2016

Lots of restaurants, places to go dancing, bars, etc. - Jan 2016

Drink and eat. - Jan 2016

Beach, drink, scuba dive, snorkel - Aug 2015

Dinner, drinks, dancing, beach. - Aug 2015

Restaurants, cultural events, concerts, operas, theaters. - Aug 2014

Families get together on the weekends and go away together. The ambassador's pool, playground, tennis courts are open for family use. You can spend time with other embassy people or do your own thing- there is plenty to do. - Jul 2013

Plenty of informal gatherings. - Apr 2013

Limited. It's dangerous to go out, especially at night. However, you can find some entertainment in the malls, including movie theaters and restaurants. - Apr 2013

Lots of options. - Jan 2013

You can be as social or reclusive as you want. It's up to you. - Mar 2012

There are malls, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, etc. There is a good variety of choices here, but again, this is not NYC or anything. - Feb 2012

all you want, this is your place is you want to dance, have sex, get drunk, smoke, and get attention from locals and feel like a rock star. - Feb 2012

good - Oct 2011

There are lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, and sports teams. Dominicans are very friendly. - Jun 2011

There are many opportunities to socialize within the USG community and outside. There are movie theaters, live theater, concerts, tons of restaurants, and tons of malls. - May 2011

nightlife is good if you enjoy drinking presidente and listening to the same 15-20 reggaeton songs over and over.its gets old after about 2 months.other forms of entertainment like ballet, theatre, and live music is not that prevalent. - Nov 2010

If you are independently wealthy, the Dominican Republic offers a lot of social opportunities. - Aug 2010

We attend various embassy functions, and we do quite a bit of entertaining at home. - Jun 2010

House parties and nightclubs. - May 2009

There's a night life here, some decent clubs, teachers entertain in homes. There are a lot of teachers with young children right now. - Nov 2008

It all depends on you. Dominicans like to party, so it exists. Expats would probably socialize more, but traffic puts a definite damper on wanting to go out after fighting it to and from work. - Oct 2008

Lots of nightlife, or so the single people tell me. - Aug 2008

Seems to revolve around dinners and parties with friends. There are a few nice clubs though. - Jun 2008

Minimum. - Feb 2008

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