Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

I think it varies. I love this post and think it's a fabulous assignment, especially for 20% hardship. Some people have a negative attitude about this country. There are certainly issues, but I think the pros FAR outweigh the cons. - Jul 2013

Varies. Based on some of the prior reports, there are clearly some people who are unhappy. Most of the people that I know seem to like it here. - Apr 2013

Middle of the road. We do not particularly like it here, and most people who have been here for a while are eager to leave. There have been a lot of curtailments. - Apr 2013

Varied. - Jan 2013

Of the expats, 70% seem to like it and 30% seem to hate it. This might say more about the person than the post, however. - Jun 2012

Decent if you stay away from the negative people. At times the traffic and local attitude can get you down -- particularly if you work in the consulate. Best to keep in perspective that you can easily go to beaches, mountains, diving, and the US cheaply. - Jun 2012

Low to fair. There are a lot of problems in this city and this mission. I hope that the new Embassy and migration of the housing pool will alleviate some of the problems, but for now this place can be pretty dismal at times. - Mar 2012

Mixed. Families really seem happy here. Some (but not all) of the singles and childless couples are pretty unhappy. It's partly what you make of it. If you want a cultured, urban experience, this is not the place for you. If you enjoy excursions or a slower pace, you will be happy here. - Feb 2012

medium - Feb 2012

low - Oct 2011

It varies. Some people absolutely hate it here. It can be a struggle to get services and the traffic is horrible. The "me-first" attitude can get to you. However, there are a lot of things to do and it's a pretty nice place to live. - Jun 2011

Moderate to good. I know people that don't like the place and others that really like it. - May 2011

i'd say low to average.people seem to be indifferent or absolutely hate it due to the (mis) management of the embassy, the chaotic city, and the dominicans who think they are entitled to everything - Nov 2010

Due to the high crime rate, morale is low. - Aug 2010

We have met quite a few State Dept. employees who can't wait to get out of here. The driving is very stressful....people drive wherever they feel like going, even the wrong way down one-way roads and 2-way roads. If there is a big long line of cars, they will drive down into oncoming traffic to get to the intersection ahead of everyone else. They will often not stop at red lights, they weave in and out of traffic and will use as many lanes as possible to get ahead of everyone else. Two lanes can very easily become five. They stop to pick up or drop off people in the middle of a lane of traffic. There is no such thing as "oh, let me pull of to the side of the road to drop you off", just as there is no "side of the road". You can just be driving along, and someone will stop in front of you to buy a mango or a phone card, and you have to go around them -- which could cause you to have an accident, because the other lanes are also filled with swerving traffic. If you are someone who has a problem with lack of patience, this place will drive you nuts -- as it has many of my friends. - Jun 2010

Poor to middling. If the school was better it would be better. - May 2009

Low to high--there is a honeymoon stage for most, but when contract or post is up, most people are ready to go. - Nov 2008

That's another story. You'll find the whole spectrum with the bulk settling with being frustrated and tired with the Dominican mindset that seems to have filtered into the Embassy ability to support its community. But, non-embassy-related ex-pats seem to fall the same way on the spectrum. - Oct 2008

Mixed. The DR is developing country in every sense -- economically, socially, in terms of education, work ethic, etc. Some people don't mind that and really enjoy the beach, good weather, and baseball. Singles don't mind the crime and health issues as much as families do, plus they get to enjoy the nightlife more. - Aug 2008

Very low at the Embassy, not much better in the general community. - Jun 2008

Bad. Everything is irritating. Traffic is a nightmare and getting anything repaired is impossible. - Feb 2008

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