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Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes - Jun 2024

Yes. - Sep 2023

Yes. - Oct 2021

Credit cards are widely accepted and sometimes cloned. Be vigilant. Using ATMs in large malls or attached to banks is generally safe. - Jan 2021

Generally, yes. - Jul 2019

Credit cards are widely accepted and a good option. ATMs are also fine but the embassy cashier will provide a better rate. - Jan 2019

Yes and yes. - Nov 2016

Credit cards are widely accepted and a good option. ATMs are also fine but the Embassy cashier will provide a better rate. - Apr 2016

We use credit cards at the grocery store and other major stores but have had our card skimmed at a major pharmacy (twice!), so you never know. ATMs, we use to get cash from major banks and get reimbursed by our credit union for the fees. This is a cash-based society in many ways - don't get in a taxi without cash, they don't accept credit cards. - Jan 2016

We used our credit cards all the time with no issues. If you use your ATM at a bank you should be fine. - Jan 2016

Accepted everywhere....just be cautious and check your accounts. - Aug 2015

Credit cards are widely used. Concerns for identity theft are serious. - Aug 2015

Use credit cards sparingly and only at reputable establishments (such as resorts). Pay cash whenever possible. - Aug 2014

We only use credit cards at the large hotels and Price Smart (like Costco). I don't recommend using ATMs anywhere. We cash checks at the embassy. - Jul 2013

I use the ATM at the embassy and limit credit card usage. - Apr 2013

Avoid using them when possible, but it's safe to use them for things like hotel reservations at the nicer resorts. ATMs are available, but we use the embassy cashier. - Apr 2013

Don't if you can avoid it. Many problems with people/machines picking up numbers and making charges. - Jan 2013

Not recommended. Write a check at the embassy and pay cash. - Jun 2012

I have never used an ATM here, but I know people who have. I use credit cards in established businesses and carefully review my statement each month. Credit card/ATM fraud are real issues here. Be prepared to operate on a cash economy. - Mar 2012

Not safe, don't do it. This is a cash economy. - Feb 2012

no comments I use the ones at the Embassy - Feb 2012

Do not use your c/c here. Or use only one and check your statement frequently - Oct 2011

Be VERY careful. I only use a credit card when grocery shopping and I check my statement frequently. Quite a few people have had their cards used fraudulently. ATMs should only be used at major banks (Scotia bank is good). - Jun 2011

We mostly write checks at the embassy and don't use the ATMs unless they are in places that are secure. Credit card fraud is rampant here. - May 2011

i had my credit card hacked within two months of being here - Nov 2010

Do NOT use your credit card in the DR, and be very careful with your ATM card. Literally everyone that I know has had their card number stolen. - Aug 2010

We are advised not to use them. Occasionally, we use our American Express card, which we hear is safer to use. There is a lot of fraud here. We tend to just use cash. - Jun 2010

There are many scams and rip-offs. Be sure to protect yourself. Use an ATM in a mall, if possible, or in a bank in the middle of the day --don't use an ATM at night. - May 2009

Some issues, but none that have deterred me from using them. - Nov 2008

Generally safe, but there was a rash of numbers getting stolen early last summer when a company servicing the machines at businesses had some employees stealing the numbers. The problem seems to be resolved at this time. - Oct 2008

Dangerous. - Aug 2008

ATMs are OK, credit cards are not. - Aug 2008

ATMs are only to be used in hotels or banks because of high potential for theft and fraud. Credit card use is officially discouraged, though we still use them to avoid carrying cash. - Jun 2008

No problem in general, just a void using them in restaurants. - Feb 2008

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