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What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

If you have severe food allergies you should not eat anything you have not prepared yourself. There is no local awareness or care to accommodate such things even if they give the pretense that it is accommodated at an establishment (see previous statement about basic disregard for human life). This is even true for the international school. Peanut products were sold to children with known peanut allergies this year. Peanut products are not restricted at all here. - Apr 2024

Options for people with allergies are not available. Substitutions for menu items do not exist. Even trying to order a burger without a bun is difficult and usually unsuccessful. Bring anything that you would like that it out of the ordinary. - Jun 2022

Mold is the big one given the humidity and water. Flooding is an annual event. - Aug 2021

If you suffer from seasonal allergies in the U.S., you’ll likely suffer from them here, so plan on ordering Benadryl, Zyrtec, etc. from Amazon. If you suffer from mild to moderate food allergies, pack a lot of epipens (since they can’t be shipped through the pouch) and hope you never have an issue. If you have severe food allergies, consider bidding elsewhere. There are no medical allergists in Guyana, and emergency rooms really aren’t equipped to deal with anaphylaxis. - Aug 2019

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