Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

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Guyana is changing at a rapid pace and it's a lot like I have imagined the wild wild west/gold rush. It is very much on the cusp of going either way in terms of safety and security...will it get worse or better? Hard to know at this point. The tourism and food industries are unregulated and over priced as is pretty much every industry here. Travel outside Georgetown is difficult, unpredictable and honestly, just kind of underwhelming for the trouble. Day to day living here is not easy. You will often go so long without basic things that you stop needing them. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. Maybe not. - Apr 2024

Guyana has been one of the better hardship posts that we've served in. - Sep 2020

If you’re assigned here, expect a hard two years. That said, it’s not impossible to have a good tour here. Make friends, support your colleagues, get involved with the school, and find a way to escape Georgetown periodically, and you’ll survive just fine. - Aug 2019

With the right frame of mind, this can be a good place, I have had a good time here but have been able to explore the country and get out of the city. Those who are tied down by families or who are more timid in their travels, seem more unhappy here. - Apr 2014

I mentioned the electricity. This is, in my opinion, the major setback in Guyana. With affordable electricity, there would be a boom of entrepreneurship and development. There is a hydroelectric dam in the plans, but again, I'll believe it when I see it. This country is ripe with opportunity and could really become a spectacular tourist destination if it could sort out it's problems. That being said, people who were in Guyana decades ago were saying the same thing. Unfortunately there hasn't been much progress up to now. - Feb 2012

Just remember that this is a small, developing country city. It has its share of poor country problems (garbage, some crime), but others pleasantly lacking (no traffic to speak of, no air quality problems). All in all, however, you should be quite happy in Guyana! - Feb 2010

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