Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

There are lots of armed robberies/assaults in public places during daylight hours. It gets more dangerous after dark. Drive everywhere. Park as close to the door as possible. Stay in groups. If robbed, do not resist. - Jun 2022

Quite a bit of crime and narcotraffickers enjoy operating here. Basically, don't go out at night and when you go out during the day don't wear flashy things or take out your latest iPhone. - Aug 2021

The Department of State ranks Guyana has high for violent crime. It is a concern here and expatriates need to be very cautious when out/about. - Sep 2020

Yes. Street crime is rampant in many areas of Georgetown, and it’s inadvisable to walk anywhere or travel alone outside certain safe spaces after dark. Many popular restaurants and shops are plagued by aggressive panhandlers. Drive with doors and windows locked at all times, and pay attention to who’s around you when you enter/exit your vehicle. The highways to the airport and Lethem are frequently targeted by bandits, and crime is enough of a problem that all Embassy houses have high walls, razor wire, and 24-hour guards. That said, Embassy personnel generally don’t have issues as long as they follow RSO guidance and otherwise exercise good situational awareness. Driving can also be a high-risk proposition in and of itself, particularly after dark. Many roads are unlit; it’s not unusual to encounter wandering cows and horses on the highways at night. Drunk driving is a serious problem, even during daylight hours. Traffic enforcement is minimal, so disabled vehicles, horse-drawn carts, and out-of-control minibuses are also a big concern on the roads. - Aug 2019

This Post is rated high for crime but if you pay attention to your surroundings and don't take risks you will be fine. - Sep 2016

Crime is rampant in Georgetown, in particular, and you have to be weary in key seasons such as Christmas which will have the predictable rise in armed robberies in the downtown. Stay out of the risk places and don't flash cash or jewelry and you will be fine. Expats generally aren't targets unless they are in high risk places or overly flashy with cash, jewelry, or electronics. We have never been confronted or robbed. - Apr 2014

Much of the housing in the area is protected by 24/7 guards, concertina or barbed wire, masonry walls, and iron gates. There can be crime problems if one opts to go to "out of the way" places along the seawall for example. If one uses good judgement, just as one would in any city, crime is not as much as a factor. Driving is another matter. The country is set up as driving on the left. There are no restrictions on left-hand or right-hand drive vehicles. The other drivers are quite aggressive. The best advice is to not be in a hurry and drive defensively, paying particular attention to the taxis and mini-buses. One must also share the road with livestock, wild dogs, pedestrians, bicyclists, and horse-drawn carts. The lack of street lights and the number of others noted above with whom one must share the road, make traveling after dark particularly challenging. - Nov 2013

Crime is an issue, but using common sense and being aware of your surroundings definitely helps. - May 2012

Crimes of oppportunity abound here. That said, use your common sense and you should have no problems. There are lots of animals (cows, horses, goats) wandering about freely, so we do try our best to avoid driving at night. We have been here more than 2 years and have never had an incident or felt unsafe. - Mar 2012

Yes, many. There is petty crime and crime of opportunity. Women should be careful walking with jewelry and should NOT be out alone when the evening arrives. It's just not worth the risk. There are constant news articles about murders, but these are not directed at foreigners. Drug trafficking is rampant, and that brings its dangers. Most criminals act with impunity as the police and legal systems have serious problems. - Feb 2012

Not especially. Yes, there are the usual street crimes, and some violence that is NOT directed at foreigners. Overall considerably safer than its neighbors Brazil, Venezuela or Trinidad. - Feb 2010


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