What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Guyana is known for two things: Kaieteur Falls and El Dorado rum. Kaieteur is expensive, but lives up to the hype. The public El Dorado distillery tour is a rip-off, but they occasionally offer private VIP tours that are free and much more detailed. If you can't get on the VIP tour, just buy a double serving of 12-year or 15-year (the two best known vintages) and save your money on the admission fee. - Aug 2019

Getting out into nature, driving to Paramaribo, and taking trips to the Caribbean islands. - Sep 2016

Guyana is a beautiful country but it is hard to get around. Going to the interior is adventurous and can offer some excitement for the adventurous. Georgetown's main attractions can all be seen in a day or two at most. - Apr 2014

The highlights have included the LE Staff, the varied cuisine, and venturing into the interior. - Nov 2013

The sunshine and natural beauty outside the city. - May 2012

The close Embassy community and getting to explore some of the rainforest. - Mar 2012

The people are very kind and open. Caribbean culture in South America. There are many birds and wild animals to see and the fruits are amazing, especially the pineapple. - Feb 2012

Driving down to the Rupunini Rodeo in the savannah region at the Brazilian border. Relaxing at peaceful eco-lodges along the rivers, attending interesting cultural events, such as the duck-curry cook-off in Berbice and the Deepavali parade of lights. - Feb 2010

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