Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

There is never a shortage of work to be done. - Apr 2024

You get to see horses and cows during your daily commute. - Jun 2022

It's a capital but the air quality is great, and everything is within a short distance. Direct flights to Miami and Barbados are a plus! - Sep 2020

Clean air, short commute, and interesting work. - Aug 2019

Weather is consistent and the interior offers a jungle experience. - Apr 2014

Because of COLA and hardship differential, it is fairly easy to save money - especially if one does not get caught up in doing a lot of travel throughout the Caribbean. - Nov 2013

Ecotourism to the falls and rain forest and rare birds for those that are avid bird watchers. - May 2012

The warm, family feeling from the Embassy and school community. A chance to see one of the least unexplored places on Earth -- the Amazon rainforest. - Mar 2012

The weather is great, the people are very friendly. The country is 97% covered in pristine rainforest. This place should be famous for eco-adventures, but alas, too much is wrong with Guyana to ever give it international status/recognition. - Feb 2012

Small and laid back. No traffic! Lots of stunning, untouched nature. Friendly. Cost of living is fairly high for imported items and interior travel (because it is so remote), but one can definitely save money here. Great weather year-round! Always between 70 and 90F. Housing is good and comfortable. Interesting old colonial architecture. Fresh fruit year round. - Feb 2010

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