Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, two providers offer internet, and GTT Blaze is certainly the fastest. Our service installation took a little longer for our neighborhood, but now that it's installed, it's comparable quality and consistency to many US providers. - Sep 2020

Yes, and this has been a pleasant surprise. Internet is expensive, but speeds are usually fast enough to support streaming video/music without issues. Embassy homes are pre-wired for internet, so I don’t know how long installation takes from scratch. - Aug 2019

Yes. - Sep 2016

"High speed" internet is available but it is anything but speedy; speed is relative and seems quite variable, unpredictable, and sometimes goes out- but you get used to it and we all get by, even those who stream regularly. - Apr 2014

Yes, it is about US$50 per month. - Nov 2013

Yes and it costs $50 a month. - May 2012

Internet speed has picked up considerably, but is still not high-speed. Skype works, but can be jerky. The Embassy is billed for the cost and officers reimburse. Monthly cost is $40. - Mar 2012

The maximum speed for internet is 100mb. It's okay for streaming and downloading, but not spectacular. Some folks have a US VPN service which allows them to get US content like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. They have generally been happy with the service. - Feb 2012

Yes, but expensive and not that fast. About $50usd a month. A new sea cable is going in between Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad that should significantly improve speed and reliablity. - Feb 2010

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