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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

I have food allergies so I don't usually eat out. Customer service seems to be a new concept. People report ordering restaurant food for delivery and receiving it the next day. - Jun 2022

Good Indian food, and even several U.S. fast food chains like KFC, but also some great local spots that while pricey do offer a nice relaxing dinner out. - Aug 2021

Pizza Hut delivers, and HeroCart is now available for delivery of either groceries or restaurant takeout. Popeyes, Dairy Queen, Pollo Tropical (chicken), KFC are all here. Our favorite restaurants include a Middle-eastern place with shwarma, the Backyard Cafe (for foodies), The Oasis cafe (brunch), there are plenty of decent Chinese and Indian restaurants. the Hard Rock Cafe for ribs/burgers (not cheap but good quality). The Wine Bistro has decent sushi/appetizers. There are options! - Sep 2020

Food delivery doesn’t really exist. Takeout is limited to local fish & chip shops and roadside grills, or fast food chains. There are now several U.S. chains here (Burger King, KFC, Dairy Queen, Popeye’s, Pizza Hut), although no McDonald’s or Starbucks. Sit-down restaurants are limited, but a few new malls are opening, which will expand options a bit. Ethnic cuisine is largely limited to Chinese and Indian food, although occasionally something new pops up (e.g., a Malaysian café recently opened). The most expensive restaurants are in the larger hotels; these can be surprisingly good, but are also very expensive for what you’re getting. - Aug 2019

There are some actual real U.S. fast food chains- Popeye Chicken, KFC, and Church's Chicken, a Quiznos, and Bruesters Ice cream. The rest are generally knock-offs- place called "Domino" that you think is a pizzeria but doesn't serve pizza. Lots of snackettes and eateries- they are affordable. People tend to find a place they like and deem clean/decent and stick with it. - Apr 2014

I am aware of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Popeye's Chicken as far as U.S. brands go. I do not know the pricing because I do not go there. Other local fast food options are available, but I do not go to those either. Decent restaurants would certainly include the Mahraja Palace, Pegasus Hotel, Dutch Bottle, and the Grand Coastal Hotel. For a couple, including a bottle of wine, dinner may approach US$100. - Nov 2013

There is a pizza hut and a KFC. Prices run about 30 percent higher than DC. - May 2012

There is a Pizza Hut here, as well as a Popeye's (which I would not recommend). There are also a local fish-and-chips place, Nicky's, and a Trinidadian chicken chain, Royal Castle, which are both really good and fairly reasonable. Guyana is not a "foodie" culture. Restaurants all offer the same dishes at varying quality and prices. This is a place to practice your cooking skills or develop a friendship with someone who does! - Mar 2012

Fast food restaurants include Popeye's chicken, Church's Chicken and Royal Castle Chicken. There is a Mario's Pizza and a Pizza Hut. NO MCDONALD'S OR BURGER KING!!! There is a local shop that copies the Subway concept and has good subs and wraps. There is a good, but expensive restaurant tucked away in a lost neighborhood 40 minutes outside of the city. The Chef, repatriated from the US, imports all the ingredients (including lobster and rib-eye steaks) from the US. A lobster meal can cost US$80 - 100.

There are local restaurants but the food is always the same. They have one curry base that they use different meats in. They have Snacketts that sell local fare which is a mix of Indian and creole foods, but limited and usually the same at every place. Chinese food is very popular here, especially the fried rice and noodles, but it's not the same as the US Chinese food and over all I've been disappointed. The beef in Guyana is terrible. The cows are free range in the city and walk great distances to find good grass, which is different from US grass, so the taste varies greatly, also because the cows sometimes eat trash. Because it's hot, they can never put on any fat which gives beef it's flavor. The food gets repetitive after a year, so cooking at home is essential. - Feb 2012

The selection of ethnic cuisine is limited to local Guyanese food, Brazilian, Indian and Chinese. For fast food, there is a great local burger chain (JRs), several pizza places (including the newest Mario's, Pizza Hut and VIP), and several chicken outlets (KFC, Church's, Popeyes). The best quality food is at the several good restaurants and hotels, and the best bet is Guyanese food. Several Brazilian chuhascarias in town, too. - Feb 2010

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