Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

No. Intolerance is pretty high. Some people have reported harassment. - Jun 2022

This can be a challenging place for LGBT expats. Same sex relations are still criminalized in Guyana. - Sep 2020

It is illegal to be gay here though they do not seem to actively prosecute; you will hear about the "anti-man." Most people have a negative view of homosexuality. There are some groups fighting for LGBT rights here. - Apr 2014

Yes, although it is technically illegal in this country. - May 2012

We had a gay officer here who was out and he left with a partner. In talking to him, I would say that the community is not open, but it is there. - Mar 2012

Homosexuality is illegal though the government rarely prosecutes it. There is a thriving gay community, but it is not very public. There is an NGO that advocates for the LGBT community. - Feb 2012

Great place to be gay (speaking from first hand experience, and from the experience of nine other gay or lesbian ex-pats I know here). Some internalized homophobia, but nothing that affects foreigners. Never heard of violence or blatant discrimination amongst locals(except for literally one unusual case of police arresting a group of drag queens). There is an annual GLBT film festival, two gay rights organizations (small, but active), regular private parties and occassional officially organized dance parties. Several attemtps at establishing a full time gay bar have failed, but it is still a good place to be gay. Just bear in mind that it is a small Post, with all the drawbacks of a small town. - Feb 2010


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