Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No, this was a level of boring that even I couldn't handle. - Jun 2022

The work here is amazing, and the people are friendly. However, if you have older school-age kids and want to send them to school and have them learn, Georgetown is not for you right now. - Aug 2021

Yes, overall it's been a great experience. - Sep 2020

Absolutely not. We had a lot of good/fun days here, and made some life-long friends, but two years is plenty long enough. This is a hardship tour in every sense of the term, and we feel lucky to have escaped without permanent damage to our health, marriage, or careers. - Aug 2019

Yes, we've made good friends, it has been good for our careers, and the kids are happy at the school. - Sep 2016

No, being here is sort of like doing a tour in combat, after a while, most expats can tell you exactly how long they have left on their assignment and the happiest people are always those who are "short" on their tour. - Apr 2014

I am torn, but probably lean toward not going here. - Nov 2013

No. - May 2012

Knowing everything, I would come here. I have found my tour both professionally and personally rewarding, meeting some great people who will be my friends forever. That said, our family is very adaptable and flexible. I can see where people could certainly be unpleasantly surprised by their tours here. - Mar 2012

If I were a single male, in a heartbeat. The people are really wonderful. They have amazing spirits and are very open. The country is beautiful if you're willing to take risks, something having a family usually doesn't afford. - Feb 2012

Absolutely! - Feb 2010


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