Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Through work channels. The local post situation is completely inadequate. There are some services that you can work out container shipments with but in general, expats will use whatever their work provides. - Apr 2024

I receive mail at the Embassy. I have never used the local postal facilities. - Jun 2022

Pouch can be truly slow, taking a month for things to arrive then everything comes all at once. Can't mail out anything bigger than a large letter. - Aug 2021

I have access to a diplomatic pouch. - Sep 2020

Pouch-only post for U.S. Embassy. Local domestic mail service is non-existent. FedEx and DHL deliver to Guyana, although the fastest service is 2-3 days, and they have strict rules on what they will and won’t ship. If you’re not a diplomat with pouch access, there are also private companies that can arrange for Amazon orders to be delivered to Miami and then shipped her; many Guyanese rely on these types of services for clothing, school supplies, etc. - Aug 2019

Embassy pouch. DHL is available. - Sep 2016

Through embassy pouch. Very limited- local mail is unreliable but DHS and FedEx are available though expensive. - Apr 2014

All mail is received by diplomatic pouch. That means there are restrictions. One is well-advised to brush up on those regulations before coming to post. One ounce or less envelopes can be mailed from post. Packages no larger than an old VHS tape is all that can be shipped. - Nov 2013

It takes between two to four weeks for mail to arrive. You have to use a private shipping company to mail things out of the country and there are size and weight restrictions for receiving. - May 2012

We use the pouch, which takes between 2 weeks (off-season) and 6 weeks (Christmas).For urgent pacakges, you can always use FedEx, which is expensive from here, but reliable. - Mar 2012

Thank God for the US diplomatic pouch and Locals have to rely on DHL or FedEX which can be pricey. - Feb 2012

Through the diplomatic pouch. However, I have used the Guyanese post office to send a letter home and it reached there without incident. - Feb 2010

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