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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. It is still no where near adequate but it is actively being prioritized. My guess is that by the 26-27 school year there may be a well established school team but really, the primary sport is going to be soccer. It's all in the works now and I'm fairly certain will start to roll out 24-25 school year. - Apr 2024

Not really. Make your own fun, but even then it's very difficult to get others out. - Aug 2021

Karate, swimming, and soccer. Soccer is growing in popularity, but not the national sport (so not on par with other South American countries). - Sep 2020

Karate is the most popular after-school activity, and the school program (which is managed by a local dojo) is very well-organized. GIA also offers off-site tennis and swimming lessons, and there are a few other random club activities (e.g., tech club). GIA also has a surprisingly strong performing arts program: the annual school-wide musical, in particular, sells hundreds of tickets and draws local press coverage. - Aug 2019

I understand there are some limited programs- apparently there is a new swimming program and a baseball league has just started as well. - Apr 2014

I believe there are programs offered through the school. - Nov 2013

The school has soccer, hip-hop dancing. and cricket available. The YMCA has karate. There are swimming lessons and tennis lessons, although these can be hard to find. - Mar 2012

Yes, but limited. The National Park (what was once the British golf course in the colonial days) has open fields to play and a track to run/walk. Cricket is the national sport and rugby and soccer are also popular. US sports are not well known. I think the locals are open to having expats participate in their sports and would never turn down a curious expat looking to join a group of friends playing in the park. There are no formal clubs for kids that I know of. The Olympic swim coach offers swim lessons for children at a local pool for US$25 per month. Boxing is popular but the gyms are dirty and the equipment is terrible. I don't recommend that as an activity. - Feb 2012

Yes, but I do not know details. Cricket and football (soccer) are the biggest by far, but there is a Judo association with lots of kids, go-carts, and many others. - Feb 2010

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