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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Space gym which is owned by China and takes biometrics. I highly discourage this although you may be able to negotiate around it. The Marriott also has a gym. Yes, it's expensive. Everything here is expensive. Extremely expensive. - Apr 2024

I haven't used any of them so I don't know. I brought exercise equipment with me. - Jun 2022

Bring your own gym equipment. Gyms are available but can be a pain to get there. - Aug 2021

The Marriott has a gym and pool membership. There is a national aquatics center for swimmers. Tennis clubs exist. My son plays soccer with an academy, other families have their kids enrolled in karate. There is one golf course. - Sep 2020

The Marriott gym is available for non-guests, but very expensive. There are a few private facilities downtown that are cheaper, but often lack air conditioning and modern locker rooms, and (for female members) are hotbeds for catcalling and other harassment. The U.S. Embassy gym permanently closed in 2018, but Embassy personnel still have regular access to the pool and tennis court at the Ambassador’s residence. Running outside, while possible, can be dangerous due to street crime, hazardous road conditions, stray animals, and (particularly for women) aggressive harassment by passers-by. - Aug 2019

There are several commercial gyms. The embassy has a small gym. - Sep 2016

There are some affordable gyms available but they are crowded. - Apr 2014

There is a workout facility available to U.S. Embassy employees at no cost. The National Aquatic Center is available to the diplomatic community. - Nov 2013

Yes. The most notable is Buddy's, which is also a restaurant and pool hall on the lower levels of the building - May 2012

The embassy has a small gym and I have heard there are other places that are available for a membership fee. - Mar 2012

There are a few gyms. The gyms in town are not air-conditioned, so they can get HOT. A trainer will cost US$ 7.50 per hour. NICE. And monthly fees are around US$25/month. - Feb 2012

Yes, but this is a bit of a let down. None are open on Sunday, none are air-conditined. The best one at present (eb 2010) is Fitness Paradise, on top of the Brandsville Hotel. Third floor, nice breeze, good new equipment. Only drawback is that it is small. - Feb 2010

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