Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. Mosquitos are probably the main insect issue here just because you have the entire buffet of associated illnesses to consider every time you get sick. - Apr 2024

I had ants all over my house, even where there wasn't food present. It took spraying, ant hotels, and physically killing everyone that I saw to make any kind of difference. Cockroaches float in with the water when my entryway floods. - Jun 2022

Mosquitoes and ants, but at least you aren't on malaria meds! - Aug 2021

The occasional large spider or cockroach but nothing unmanageable. - Sep 2020

Yes. Guyana is a developing tropical country with all manner of insects and other animals. Geckos are your friends, because they don’t touch your food, and they eat a lot of the problem bugs. Spiders are massive and frightening, but if you can resist the urge to squash them, they’ll also help with the other bugs. Mosquitoes are a problem from dusk to dawn, particularly if you have a yard or any drainage issues near your house. Roaches and ants are abundant, but if you keep your kitchen and food storage areas immaculate, they don’t usually stick around. - Aug 2019

If it crawls or flies, you have it here- close to the coast, you have fewer mosquitos but they are omnipresent at dusk and evenings as are flies, giant roaches- and small ones too. The most problematic insect are ants which are everywhere and seem to track down the smallest food source. Colony killing ant baits and a clean household will keep them away quite nicely. - Apr 2014

Pests can be a problem if one does not take action to keep them at bay. Ants are fairly common but ant bait cures the problem fairly quickly. Only one small spider has been encountered in our home. Mice, on the other hand, have been a bit of a nuisance but it's nothing a mouse trap cannot solve. There are a wide variety of "critters," but with the exception of the above, I have no personal experience with them. - Nov 2013

Mosquitoes carry dengue fever. This is a concern. Ants and cockroaches also come with the territory. - May 2012

It's a tropical country, so the normal bugs are here -- tiny ants in the kitchen, mosquitoes, etc. To balance it, you will also have small lizards and frogs that help keep the population under control!! - Mar 2012

Mosquitoes are a problem, but in the city there not known to carry dengue or malaria. The interior is a different story. Ants in homes are problematic, but not dangerous. Other tropical bugs are scarce, though I did see a 4 inch cockroach (an outdoor one, not ones that come into your home). - Feb 2012

Mosquitos are a problem. Nothing that can't be handled by repellant and long pants, though. - Feb 2010

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