Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No, it is so expensive here that we try not to even buy food. - Jun 2022

Ameri-indian baskets are quite popular, as are word carvings. The hands down favorite gift is Demarara Rum or Sugar. - Sep 2020

Peltogyne (“purpleheart”) wood is unique to rainforests in the area, and there are few places to buy purpleheart bowls and carvings. Some of the indigenous tribes sell handicrafts and/or antique Dutch bottles, which can also make for nice decorations. Aside from these, your options are limited to rum, coffee, and hot sauce. - Aug 2019

Wood carvings, local crafts, outstanding world-class rum, the 21 year old El Dorado is beyond belief, and local art. - Apr 2014

Most notably are the hand woven baskets and handmade wooden items. - Nov 2013

Rum and travel to the interior. - May 2012

There are some chances to go on trips to Amer-Indian villages, so you can buy baskets there. Some local wood products/carvings are nice, but you do need to watch for people who have used uncured wood, which will crack as it dries. - Mar 2012

Ahhh... The RUM is fantastic here. I prefer the El Dorado 8 year rum, it's not too woody in flavor and it has a reasonable price. I wish I could say the wood products. Wood in Guyana is next to none in the world. The types of wood, the durability and the beauty are indescribable. That being said, because electricity is so expensive, the wood is not kiln dried, so it's still moist. You can't make much from wood that is still wet. There are also no good craftsmen to actually make something nice. It's the irony of ironies. - Feb 2012

Amerindian woven baskets and greenheart wood carved bowls. Rum! Guyana has the oldest rum distillery in the world and it wins interntaional awards every year! Even the cheapest version is good, but you can spend up to $200 a bottle here in country for the highest quality. - Feb 2010


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