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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

The dress code at work tends to be fairly formal. A suit, dress, or blouse/skirt for women. A dress shirt/slacks for men. Ties only for more formal occasions. Outside of work, anything goes. - Jun 2022

Guyanese dress formally for government meetings. You can be refused admission to the cultural center or a government building if you are not wearing closed-toe shoes or if you are wearing shorts. - Sep 2020

Shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are fine for most public places. Business casual (think collared shirt and khakis) is acceptable for 95% of workplaces or other “formal” settings like a restaurant. If you’re meeting regularly with government contacts, or attending a high-profile event, you might need to wear a suit… but Guyana is always hot and humid, with no reliable dry-cleaning services, so no one wants to dress up unless it’s absolutely required. - Aug 2019

Business casual at work. Formal dress is required when going to the ministries. - Sep 2016

The president of Guyana wears a "shirt-jack." Some parts of the U.S. Embassy wear suits as do a limited number of the Brits and Canadians- I suspect this amuses the locals. Dress is pretty casual. - Apr 2014

It varies in public from shorts and flip-flops to coat and tie. At the U.S. Embassy it varies from slacks and a nice shirt to coat and tie. - Nov 2013

Casual to business casual. - May 2012

Tropical business. For women, slacks/skirt and a decent blouse. For men, short-sleeve, button-down shirt (no tie) and slacks. Evening events -- maybe a tie and jacket for men, but not usual. Haven't been to an occasion where I need formal wear. - Mar 2012

Caribbean Casual. The Guayaberas are popular here. Suits are seldom worn as it's too hot, even at night. - Feb 2012

Business casual. Almost no one wears a tie. - Feb 2010

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