Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People tend to socialize in their homes. I have found the groups to be quirky but predictable. - Apr 2024

People tend to throw parties in their homes. Some homes have nice outdoor areas. - Jun 2022

Covid makes this tough anywhere, but dinners out or trips to a creek. - Aug 2021

Lots of house parties, or gatherings at restaurants. Socializing with locales is done at bars or through community service events. - Sep 2020

Most entertainment consists of dinner parties and/or outings to a local retreat. There really isn’t much else to do around town. - Aug 2019

Most entertaining is done at home- there are some very limited bars worth going to but they are better for singles- the rum is world class and cheap. The beer is limited and terrible but you find your "best of the worst" and get used to it- many of my colleagues have taken up brewing their own beer which creates its own social platform. - Apr 2014

A lot of entertaining/social life revolves around the community. There is not a great deal to do here. - Nov 2013

Entertaining is done at home with casual BBQs, dinners, movies, cards. With a good circle of friends, you can be busy most weekends. - Mar 2012

Mostly invites to people's houses. There is a vibrant night life and lots of liming. Again, single men love the night life, single women have to be cautious. Married people have to be cautious too as both women and men are promiscuous and your marital status is not a deterrent. - Feb 2012

Three hip new dance clubs just opened up in the first part of 2010. The city's first (8 screen) multiplex is opening in 2010. A small but decent selection of restaurants. But this is a smaller city, so in-home parties and entertaining are also big. There is a lot of informal hanging out here. Decent amount of concerts and cultural events. - Feb 2010

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