Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There is a large oil industry expat community. I can't speak to the morale, I'm not really interested in socializing with the oil industry but if you are, this is your jam 100%. I might note that this industry is the one and ONLY reason that the school is now adequate so I'm certainly not down playing the value of their contribution to every day living here. I just don't have interest in keeping up with the Housewives of Houston. - Apr 2024

The expatriate community is small. With limited travel out during the last two years, the morale has been fairly low. In my opinion, it is hard to live in a place where you can't even walk outside for fear of being robbed at gun or machete point. - Jun 2022

Small. Morale is low among those who haven't yet curtailed or are planning to curtail...nowhere to go but up! - Aug 2021

Growing in diversity due to the oil boom and all the multi-national subcontractors coming into the country to work. As with most hardship posts, morale is high and the expat community is small but tight-knit. - Sep 2020

The expat community is small, although growing due to the boom in oil-related activities. Aside from the U.S., very few Embassies have more than 2-3 diplomats in country. Morale within the Embassy is middling to poor – as noted elsewhere, this is a hardship tour with limited recreational activities and/or outside travel opportunities, so it just wears on everyone the longer they are here. - Aug 2019

Small expat community. Most people who come here have some idea what to expect and are therefore able to deal with the environment. - Sep 2016

The expat community is small and morale seems highest among the recent arrivals and the soon to be departing- Georgetown can wear people out and one needs to get away from time to time. Morale is really what you make it to be- you can be very happy if you choose to be and don't mind a quiet life, if you are negative about Guyana and choose to remain so, you will be miserable here. - Apr 2014

The community is relatively small, but morale seems good. - Nov 2013

Relatively small. - May 2012

Small, small, small. Not very many embassies in town, a few missionaries, very few US companies. Oil exploration is going on off the coast. If oil is found, there will be a boom in many areas. - Mar 2012

Not too big. The foreign missions and some multinational corporation executives comprise the expat community. I would say less than 100 people. - Feb 2012

In official capacity, about 30 Americans + 80 Peace Corps volunteers, 15 Europeans, 4 Mexicans, 4 Canadians, many from throughout the Caribbean (CARICOM is based here), as well as others from the region. Many other foreigners here with NGOs or businesses. - Feb 2010

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