Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

No trams, buses, or trains. Local public transport is mini buses. They are quite dangerous and often get in accidents. We aren't allowed to use them. The big tax companies are safe and affordable. Negotiate the rate before you get in because there won't be a meter. - Jun 2022

Only taxis would be recommended. Then if you live here long-term, you develop a list of reliable drivers you can call and make private arrangements for taxi rides. - Sep 2020

Trains don’t exist. Local buses are cheap, but extremely dangerous (and Embassy personnel are banned from using them). Taxis are widely available, although some companies are safer and more reliable than others, and it’s rare for any taxi to have seatbelts in the back seat. Never, ever flag a taxi off the street! Call one of the reputable companies or use an official airport/hotel vehicle. - Aug 2019

There are a couple of trusted companies for taxis, no trains, and the RSO advises against using the local mini-buses. - Sep 2016

There are no trains, only mini-buses and they are not safe and always seem to have some horrific fatal accident. There are hotel taxis that are affordable but as they cater to expats, they are more expensive. Find a good local and reliable taxi service and stick with that and you will be fine and have a very affordable taxi. That being said, even with the hotel taxis, you can get from downtown to the main outlying neighborhoods for US$6-8. It is about US$30-35 from the airport to the expat communities. - Apr 2014

There are no trains in the country. Buses are incredibly unsafe, just stay away from them. There are good taxis. Be sure to get a trusted recommendation before using a taxi. - Nov 2013

Mini-buses are not recommended because they are overcrowded, the drivers are sometimes known to drive recklessly, and the possibility of petty crime is high. Taxis are used and certain drivers are often recommended by members of the expat community - May 2012

NO. NO. Absolutely NO mini-buses!! They are a nightmare and make driving here a challenge. Buses swerve all over, stop anywhere and drive like maniacs. If you can find a reliable cab (and there are several), get the driver's cell number and use it. Cabs are cheap and, with a good driver, an excellent option. - Mar 2012

Mini-buses are not safe. They are authorized to carry 15 passengers but usually carry many more. They are all privately owned so they compete for fares. Hence they are always racing to get ahead of other drivers, regardless of whether or not the other drivers transport people. The taxis are cheap, but most of the drivers have purchased their licenses rather than taken the test to earn them. They have no respect for and probably no knowledge of the rules of the road. This being said, it's good to find one driver you can trust and call them for your transport needs. - Feb 2012

Private taxis are plentiful, safe and very affordable.3usd gets you anywhere in central Georgetown. 6usd would get you to the suburbs. The shared mini-van taxis, on the other hand, are NOT safe. - Feb 2010


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