Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

No, even some places at the "malls" only take cash. The ATM at the Marriott is really the only one I would recommend. Pegasus and MAYBE the one at Movietown are ok but only during the day. The one at Giftland is tucked away and not safe unless you have a lookout. - Apr 2024

This is definitely a cash society. I have used my credit card at one of the fancier hotels and at one grocery store. Otherwise, I use cash. Some people use ATMs. I wouldn't use one unless it were inside a hotel or bank. In my opinion, there is too much violent crime to risk using one on the street. - Jun 2022

Higher-end expat restaurants take credit cards. Tipping is between 10-15% if you want, but not required. At most places you'll need to tell them in advance that you want to leave a tip so they can add it to your bill before running the card (not like the US where you get a line to add it on the receipt). Overall it's a cash economy. - Aug 2021

Credit cards are used in select stores and restaurants. Guyana is transitioning but is still largely a cash economy. ATMs can be used, but crime is high. Extreme caution should be exercised where to use one and to assess who is around when doing so. - Sep 2020

Guyana is largely a cash economy. Some stores and restaurants take credit cards; however, many local banks aren’t tied into overseas ATM or credit-card networks, so international cards won’t always work. Embassy personnel can cash personal checks at the Embassy cashier. - Aug 2019

Never used one here. It is a cash economy. - Sep 2016

Only at international locations such as Pegasus hotel. Credit card use is minimal here and I think relatively secure due to lack of technology here. - Apr 2014

I treat Georgetown as a cash economy. I have never used a credit or debit card here; although, they are accepted. The only ATM I trust is the one that is located at the Pegasus Hotel. - Nov 2013

It is safer to use cash rather than ATMs or credit. The Pegasus hotel has been know to be a safer place to use the ATM if necessary. - May 2012

Write a check at the embassy for cash. There are two grocery stores in town where I feel comfortable using my debit card. There is one ATM where I would use my card for cash. - Mar 2012

Some of the formal stores take credit cards and we've never had problems, nevertheless, this is a cash society and most transactions are in Guyanese dollars (current exchange 201 to 1 US). The largest denomination is a 1000 dollar note which is the equivalent of US$ 5. There are some ATMs around, but the safest ones are located at the nicest (3 star) hotel. - Feb 2012

Internationally-connected ATMs easily used at Scotia Bank outlets and (any day now) Republic bank outlets. Both have ATMs throughout the city. - Feb 2010

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