Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Guyana is largely a cash economy. Some stores and restaurants take credit cards; however, many local banks aren’t tied into overseas ATM or credit-card networks, so international cards won’t always work. Embassy personnel can cash personal checks at the Embassy cashier. - Aug 2019

Never used one here. It is a cash economy. - Sep 2016

Only at international locations such as Pegasus hotel. Credit card use is minimal here and I think relatively secure due to lack of technology here. - Apr 2014

I treat Georgetown as a cash economy. I have never used a credit or debit card here; although, they are accepted. The only ATM I trust is the one that is located at the Pegasus Hotel. - Nov 2013

It is safer to use cash rather than ATMs or credit. The Pegasus hotel has been know to be a safer place to use the ATM if necessary. - May 2012

Write a check at the embassy for cash. There are two grocery stores in town where I feel comfortable using my debit card. There is one ATM where I would use my card for cash. - Mar 2012

Some of the formal stores take credit cards and we've never had problems, nevertheless, this is a cash society and most transactions are in Guyanese dollars (current exchange 201 to 1 US). The largest denomination is a 1000 dollar note which is the equivalent of US$ 5. There are some ATMs around, but the safest ones are located at the nicest (3 star) hotel. - Feb 2012

Internationally-connected ATMs easily used at Scotia Bank outlets and (any day now) Republic bank outlets. Both have ATMs throughout the city. - Feb 2010

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