Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, the roads are broken up and there are rarely sidewalks. The public transportation is mini buses without lifts, etc. Most houses are two levels due to flooding. - Jun 2022

Yes. - Aug 2021

Depends on the disability but I think a wheelchair would be impossible here. - Sep 2020

Yes. There are no sidewalks or elevators, no disabled transit, parking is a challenge everywhere, and medical care is substandard. If you have any physical disabilities aside from mild arthritis or seasonal allergies/asthma, think twice about coming here. - Aug 2019

Yes. - Sep 2016

YES, YES, YES. There is nothing for disabilities, most buildings do not have elevators, there is one escalator in Georgetown, and sidewalks are almost non-existent. The roads often look as if they had experienced an artillery barrage. - Apr 2014

I believe it would be very difficult. There are virtually no sidewalks. Also, with very few exceptions, the buildings are not handicap accessible. - Nov 2013

Yes. There are no sidewalks and the streets are dangerous. - May 2012

Georgetown would be impossible for someone with mobility issues. There are few, if any sidewalks and they all have cracks and holes. Many buildings don't have elevators and all have steep stairs (many without handrails). Since most houses, shops, etc are built high to avoid flooding, shopping would be incredibly challenging. Housing is either on stilts or with bedrooms on the second floor. I believe that the Embassy is the only ADA-compliant building in Guyana (and even our elevator is subject to outages). - Mar 2012

There are NO sidewalks in Georgetown. There are drainage canals along almost all the streets with precarious "bridges" built across them. There are few if any ramps to public buildings. There is a new law that has been passed to begin sensitizing the public and private sectors and there is an NGO that advocates for people with disabilities. That being said, it is not a city or country that can accommodate the disabled. - Feb 2012

It would be very hard to live here with a disability. There are virtually no accomodations for disabilities in any building or street. - Feb 2010

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