Georgetown - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

This is subjective but I don't think this is a "good city" in general. It's critical for crime. Corruption is rampant, women are hyper sexualized, the culture embodies total chaos, the economy is literally on fire, food is mediocre, there are no effective social programs, when events do happen they are in no way safe. In general, one must never assume safety measures are ever taken here, whether it's vehicles traveling on the road or how things are prepared, built and maintained. Don't get me started on the tourism industry. - Apr 2024

This city is pretty tough on everyone. - Jun 2022

It depends on your attitude and your interests really. Singles may be a bit more bored here as the night light and cultural opportunities are more limited. - Sep 2020

It’s not a great city for anyone, but probably works out best for two demographics. Families with younger elementary school kids will be fine, because the school is a good place to meet friends, and there is enough to keep kids under 10 entertained for two years. This also wouldn’t be a bad post for a couple if you’re a tandem (or at least both working at the Embassy), because the work is fairly interesting, and you’ll have plenty of money to travel. If you’re a couple with older kids, or if you’re single… good luck, as it may be a long two years for you. - Aug 2019

This post is best for families with young children. - Sep 2016

It can be a good city for families if you accept that there is only so much to do and you are limited by where you can take your kids or that it will be overly expensive to get out. Single men seem to enjoy the city the most as it is a poor country. Single women seem to have a hard time. I think it is best for couples without children. - Apr 2014

I have experienced the city as part of a married couple. I would have a difficult time characterizing it as "good." There are not a lot of things to do in Georgetown when compared to the U.S. - Nov 2013

There is little to do around town. But for those who do not mind a low key lifestyle and who prefer creating their own entertainment, this is a city that provides this opportunity. Families with small children or couples thinking of becoming pregnant should be aware that the medical care here is extremely limited. - May 2012

Families and couples would do well here, provided they have good community spirit. If you have kids, there will be lots of family activities through the school. If you don't have kids, but still like casual entertaining (at-home dinners, BBQs, etc.), you will be OK, if you are willing to throw yourself into the mix. One of the things we like about a smaller Embassy is that people tend to pull together more and help each other out. That said, you need to be willing to participate! Single men seem to have few issues dating in Georgetown, but several single women have told me that the dating scene is very tough (but that seems to be a general trend around the world). - Mar 2012

For couples without children or single men, yes. Women find it hard to date here. Families with children should seriously consider the healthcare deficiencies here. More on that below. - Feb 2012

For single and couples without children, or very young children, this is an excellent post. With older kids, not as many opportunities for them, in school or out. - Feb 2010

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