What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Pollen allergies tend to be fairly bad in Taipei. Peanuts are somewhat common in Chinese cooking. Taipei American School is a nut-free school. - Jul 2020

There is shrimp and pork in a lot of locally produced food, but I think that people are increasingly aware of allergies and food sensitivities, so you can get around pretty easily if you have allergies. Also there is a lot of imported foods, so you can check labels. - Dec 2018

Eggs, gluten, and nuts are typically in or near everything. Be sure to only eat at places where you can clearly explain your allergy or to cook most meals. - Mar 2017

Lots of nuts here. They love peanut butter. - Nov 2016

Maybe some seasonal allergies? - Apr 2015

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