What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

To be honest, I would have lowered my expectations about food. There are many excellent high-end restaurants around town, but of course they are pricey. Local Taiwanese food is very different from the Cantonese-style Chinese food in the US. It is still quite tasty, but just not my favorite. Night markets are also very popular among locals and tourists. I am not a huge fan, mostly because I don’t love Taiwan street food (which was a surprise for me because I generally love street food elsewhere). - Jul 2020

I wish I had known how wonderful it was. I wouldn't have joined the foreign service - I would have just moved here! Most people here try to extend and now I know why. I don't want to leave! - Aug 2015

Taiwan people are SO friendly, but with that also SO passive and a bit naive. You need to be very patient as it can be a bit like dealing with children! They won't make a difficult decision or do anything that would "rock the boat." Very timid people. But kind, considerate, (Very!) well educated, amazing people. - Apr 2015

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