Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes, many preschools are available! Some expats in Neihu/Dazhi enroll their preschool age kids at Little Lily Montessori Preschool or Tinkerseeds in Dazhi. Some expats in Tianmu enroll their preschool age kids at TYPA Tiger Tots. - Jul 2020

Preschools are readily available all over the city, and start at 2.5 years old. They vary in price, though the ones associated with TAS and TES (English language instruction) are the most expensive, and local preschools offering Chinese instruction would be cheaper. It is usually cheaper to hire an Ayi than to send your toddler to school. There is an extensive after-school program at TAS called TYPA, though the prices are quite high. They do offer almost every possible activity, but you can't always get in. TES has after school programs as well, but slightly fewer offerings. There are also private bushibans all over the city that will take your child from school to the after school program where they do homework or more school. Taiwan is a very academic-focused place, and most local after school services are academic in nature. - Dec 2018

Yes, there are many pre-schools and daycare facilities, but they're not cheap, although some budget options exist. Local schools can accommodate kids from 3 years and up. - Jul 2018

Several dual-language or English-language preschools available throughout the city. - Nov 2016

I know several parents have used Dalton, a chain here of preschools, but we have no direct experience. - Sep 2015

Not sure, though it seems like most people have to interview many places before finding a good fit. - Apr 2015

Many to choose from. Some expats send their kids to a local preschool that is all Chinese. Others send them to schools that are half Chinese and half English. TAS and TES also have highly-respected preschools, but they are more expensive. - May 2013

Preschools are around in Chinese, or if you don't mind paying, TYPA at TAS and TES have preschools. There are none on Yangmingshan- - May 2012

Lots of excellent household help/nannies available to work. - Jun 2009

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