Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. - Jul 2020

I've always felt very safe. Often if I've left my bag unzipped, someone will alert me to it. - Dec 2018

Taipei is a very, very safe city, and one of the safest ones worldwide, if statistics are to be believed. Of course, crime still exists (rarely violent though), but I've never encountered it, and feel extremely safe anywhere. I don't think there's any part of the city where I would be hesitant to go after dark. People are very respectful and polite. Women walking by themselves after nightfall will feel safe as well. - Jul 2018

I feel safer than I have ever felt anywhere in the world in Taiwan. I have no concerns about my safety here. - Mar 2017

Very safe. My high school daughter has the freedom to use the buses and MRT to get around town. - Nov 2016

Complacency is the biggest problem. Crime is very low, but the last couple of years have seen mentally ill persons attack people with knives on the subway. Everyone is so engrossed with their phones that they don't pay attention to events around them. - Sep 2015

Taiwan is extremely safe! The only danger is that it is so safe it will make you lazy and careless about security. You could leave your apartment door unlocked and never have a problem. People have lost their wallets and had them returned with all of their money inside. I have seen people drop money on the metro and then be chased down by someone returning it. The only danger might be the traffic which is more chaotic than most Americans are used to. - Aug 2015

Ha, no. I hear of more people getting lost items back, than I do of theft. - Apr 2015

It is very, very safe crime wise. But, I have had some issues with persons with mental issues getting excited about seeing a foreigner. - Sep 2013

No. None. Zero. - Jul 2013

Only if you drive a scooter; then you take your life in your hands. Otherwise, this is the safest place I've ever been. - May 2013

None. - May 2012

Taipei is one of the the safest cities I've ever spent time in. I've never felt hesitant about being anywhere in the city at any time of day. The roads can be dangerous, however, so watch out for scooters careening down city streets (and sidewalks) at 80kph. - Jun 2009

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