What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Good AQI. There are only a few of days out of the year with bad AQI and in those cases, they cancel outdoor activities for the kids at school. - Jul 2020

Generally the air quality is good throughout the city. There are occasional bad pollution days, but they are few and far between. On YMS the PM2.5 is usually much lower than the rest of the city, so some people with asthma or other respiratory concerns choose to live there. - Dec 2018

Overall pretty good, but there are bad days. Air quality apps will tell you when it's better to stay indoors, although 'red days' are rare. It's great compared to Beijing, but obviously not as good a Swiss mountain village. We have kids, and don't feel the air quality warrants a move to elsewhere. - Jul 2018

Some days the air quality can reach levels similar to a city like Los Angeles, so if you have asthma you may find it irritating. - Mar 2017

The spring has a period of air pollution as it blows in from China. - Nov 2016

Pretty good. Taiwan has moved many of its factories to the mainland or down south. Also, Taipei has an abundance of trees, everywhere. - Sep 2015

the air quality is getting slightly worse because of pollution from mainland China, but it is still always within safe levels. Some people with asthma have mentioned breathing problems, but most people who do not have a condition have not had any problems. - Aug 2015

Seems to be getting worse! Just walking to work from the metro (about 5 minutes), you feel the pollution. Still not near as bad as most other Asian big cities. Most houses are away from down town where pollution is worse. - Apr 2015

Moderate, there are some scooters that pollute, but this isn't Beijing. If you need cleaner air, the mountains are close. - Sep 2013

Moderate. Some air pollution resulting from the scooters, but otherwise OK. - Jul 2013

Moderate - May 2013

Moderate. - May 2012

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