What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Extremely safe, reliable and convenient public transportation, good medical care, cost of living is lower than the US, there is a good amount of green space/public parks within the city and mountains/beach are within easy reach of the city. Because it is so safe, it is an excellent place to let your pre-teen/teen explore on their own! - Jul 2020

It's very safe, very convenient, you can find almost anything you need, and the people are friendly. It's accessible to tons of recreation and the schools are good. - Dec 2018

Biggest advantages:
- Friendly and helpful locals
- Great MRT system to get anywhere fast, it really makes that you can take full advantage of the huge city that Taipei is
- Bike friendly, and the YouBike bike rental system is very convenient and cheap
- Lots of activities, fun shops and interesting neighbourhoods
- So many good restaurants
- Cheap, apart from rent prices
- Easy to fly to other Asian destinations, with cheap tickets to The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, China and South Korea. - Jul 2018

It's easy. Low crime. Good public transportation. No one is watching you. Freedom to move about. Accessibility to products. - Nov 2016

It is a very easy city to live in. Great public transportation, safe, with lots of good food. If one does not want dumplings every day there are many American food chains, but even better lots of Japanese and Indian restaurants. Unlike say Tokyo, the subway system has English everywhere so if one does not read Chinese, it is still very easy to get around. - Sep 2015

Living in Taipei gives you the convenience of living in a small city as well as the opportunity to enjoy nature (something I have realized is rare when living in big cities in Asia). Taipei is a very comfortable city with all the conveniences you can imagine including a wonderful metro system and plenty of safe, clean cabs and reliable high speed rail. Along the river that runs through the city are miles and miles of bike paths and parks that are great for running, biking, and other sports. Yangmingshan national park is 30 minutes outside of the city and has many beautiful hiking trails. There are beaches an hour's drive from the city. - Aug 2015

Safe! Taiwan is incredibly safe and friendly. It's like a larger, Asian Mayberry. There is basically no crime; they don't even jaywalk! Day trips around Taipei, into Yangmingshan are easy and gorgeous. Touring around Taiwan is limited, however. Taroko Gorge is truly amazing, and....that's about it. The mid-mountain range is beautiful, but not really established as a proper tourist destination, yet. Sun Moon Lake is a lake. But, excellent regional travel. It can be expensive to get off the island during major holidays, but you can't do anything about that. The weather is great, except in the summer which is wretched - hoooot and humid. Stay inside or plan to leave the island. You can save money here; the cost of local food, goods and services is very reasonable. - Apr 2015

The safety and friendly people. I have had people run out of their house to give me an umbrella when I was caught in a rain storm. I have gone out at 2am and never worried about safety. It really is a great place to live. - Sep 2013

Taipei is the safest place I have every lived! It's incredible. I've heard of more lost purses and wallets being returned than stolen. Also, the public transportation is fantastic. - Jul 2013

Lots of great things to do, very friendly people, fun cultural opportunities. - May 2013

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