What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

It takes about 12 hrs to fly directly from the west coast of the US. - Jul 2020

Washington DC, USA. It's about 24 hours total in transit, travel isn't too hard here. Usually you connect through Tokyo or Seoul, though there are direct flights to LA and SF from Taipei, which is only about 12 hours. - Dec 2018

The Netherlands. There's a direct flight from Taipei to Amsterdam, or if you want to save money you can fly via a number of connecting airports, the ones in China being the cheapest. - Jul 2018

I am originally from Washington DC. Flying to Taiwan I flew to SFO and then to Taipei. If you want to cost-construct from NYC, you can fly NYC to Tokyo and then to Taipei. - Mar 2017

Grand Rapids, Michigan. 22 hours with connections in Tokyo, Altlanta and Detroit - Nov 2016

D.C. We used to take a direct United flight to San Francisco, 12 hours, or fly to Tokyo and then direct to Washington. However, now Delta has the contract and people have already had to fly to Tokyo to NYC to Washington, so at least 17 hours in the air without the transfers. - Sep 2015

I'm from the East coast of the U.S. So it is a long trip back home but doable. Best route is Tokyo to Atlanta. - Aug 2015

Colorado. There is now a direct United flight to SFO, which is very easy. Otherwise, connections through Tokyo and direct United to Denver. Considering how far away Taiwan is from the U.S., the "commute" really is not bad at all. Also, EVA is a great airline, direct to LAX. - Apr 2015

Home based in DC, travel takes about 18-20 hours transiting through Tokyo Narita airport. - Sep 2013

It's always about a 24 hour trip from Asia to the US, no matter what. United is the contract carrier, and most all connections are through Tokyo. United is supposed to open a Taipei - San Francisco route, but it keeps getting delayed. A new Tokyo - Denver route was opened June 2013. - Jul 2013

US, about 24 hours. There are direct flights from Taipei to LAX, but most of the time we connect through Tokyo and then to the west coast. - May 2013

USA: about 24 hours through Japan and one stop in the States. - May 2012

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