Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, DSL. You can get it installed within 1-2 weeks of requesting this service through AIT and Chunghua Telecom. - Jul 2020

High speed internet is readily available and quick to install. Our sponsors installed it prior to our arrival, but people who've come with private companies have had it up and running in two or three days. - Dec 2018

Yes, our was installed within three days, and the speed is great. - Jul 2018

Unlimited home internet and cell phone data costs about 60 dollars per month. Most places in Taipei have free internet, and most people do not call or text, but instead use a messaging app called "Line." If you do not use a lot of data to stream music or videos, it probably would make sense to get a more limited plan. But either way, the unlimited plan is only about 30 dollars. This was all set up by my sponsor before arrival at post. - Mar 2017

Yes, it is available. - Nov 2016

We have it included in our cable bill, pay about fifty dollars a month. Although the last few days it has been frustrating, usually it's fine for streaming video. We usually use Hulu or Netflix every night with no problem. - Sep 2015

High speed internet is available for cheaper than in the U.S. Taipei even has free wifi throughout the city. - Aug 2015

We pay US$30/month (I think....) for moderatly fast internet. We use a VPN and are often uploading or downloading major files, streaming videos etc, so some of the issues may be in-house. - Apr 2015

Available and CHEAP! Cost is about 800NTD for 20mpbs. - Sep 2013

Obviously. I think about $30/ month? - Jul 2013

Great internet; quite fast. About $30 per month. - May 2013

I think we pay $30 a month and it is fast and decent internet. - May 2012

We have a speedy 1MB/s DSL connection for $35/month. - Jun 2009

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