What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Roads are well maintained, but parking spaces are often small. But we drive an American made Honda Odyssey and can get around almost everywhere. - Jul 2020

Almost any car is ok to bring. We have a minivan, and while there are a few alleys that have been a tight squeeze, I've been able to drive and park everywhere I've needed to go. The highways are well-maintained and the roads in Taipei are all wide and people generally abide by the laws. You don't need to drive to get around Taipei and many people don't, but if you have kids in multiple schools or involved in sports you may find it beneficial to have a private vehicle. If you aren't used to driving with scooters and motorcycles then you'll need just a quick minute to get used to the patterns here, which is that cars drive to the left side of a lane and scooters pass on the outside right. If you need to turn right, you just signal and then slowly make your move, the scooters will adjust around you. In this regard smaller cars make it easier for you to see everyone around you, and reduce your blind spots. If I could do it all over I'd probably buy a local Toyota Wish, which is a five-seater station wagon with an optional pop-up third row to fit seven. - Dec 2018

Any normal car will do, although you don't really need a car with the public transportation being so convenient. It might be nice to have a car to take trips across the island though on weekend and holidays. If you do get a car, you'll find that parking can be difficult sometimes. - Jul 2018

I did not have a car and got around just fine with public transportation. If you do bring a car, I recommend something small. - Mar 2017

Not to large or tall. Parking garages have low ceiling clearance. - Nov 2016

I would not bring a large SUV, as some streets are small with scooters parked everywhere. Having said that, one of the 'in' cars now is the Toyota Sienna, limited edition, so plenty of people are driving minivans. But I would recommend smaller if your family size allows. Several people at work did not even bother to bring a car, Taipei is certainly doable without one. Unless one lives up on Yangmingshan mountain. - Sep 2015

i have a small SUV that has been great. It's small enough to navigate some of the tiny alleys but large enough to drive into the mountains. We love having a car here and have driven around the whole island. No security concerns at all. - Aug 2015

I think most anything would be OK. What's a carjacking? - Apr 2015

No issues. I brought a very large American sedan. It was hard to park, and parts weren't available. Toyotas are everywhere, which would make it easier for parts and repairs. - Sep 2013

People have all kinds of cars of various makes and models. No problems. - Jul 2013

You can drive almost anything here. There are lots of luxury cars. Smaller cars are easier to park. We drive a minivan and have never had a problem. - May 2013

Smaller would be easier, but we have a minivan and do okay. For repairs or oil changes we just give it to the motor pool and they take care of it or get someone to do it. It has all been done without much expense. - May 2012

A small compact car is nice to have for trips outside the city, but you don't need a car for trips around town - the MRT and buses go everywhere. Parking is cheap, but not very easy to find. - Jun 2009

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