Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes! Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage in May 2019. - Jul 2020

The city had a reputation for being very open and welcoming to LGBT community but just this year the populous just passed a referendum rejecting the supreme court's ruling that the legislature had to pass a law protecting same-sex marriage. So I think this isn't necessarily a bad place for LGBT expats but there is some socially conservative thinking in the general population. - Dec 2018

Yes, gay marriage is about to be legalized, and they are many bars catering to the LGBT-community. Taipei has the biggest Pride parade in Asia, after Tel Aviv. - Jul 2018

Taiwanese appear to be very welcoming of the LGBT community. Taiwan has the largest Pride Parade in East Asia. There are also several bars/restaurants/businesses that openly express support for LGBT rights. That said, I have no personal experiences as a member of this community, but my friends who identify as LGBT have never indicated that they felt discriminated against. They have also expressed that there is a vibrant dating scene for LGBT people living in Taiwan. - Mar 2017

Very accepting. - Nov 2016

yes, Taiwan is very gay-friendly and there are a few gay bars where you can meet people. - Aug 2015

Absolutely. Taiwan is incredibly gay friendly, in my opinion. First gay pride parade in Asia. It may even be the first to legalize gay marriage. - Apr 2015

Very Good! My gay friends have not experienced any issues and there is a large and vibrant gay scene. - Sep 2013

Yes, especially for Asia. There are several fun gay bars. - Jul 2013

It seems fine. The Taiwanese are very accepting. - May 2013

Yes. - May 2012

Yes. - Jun 2009

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