Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

We do not have pets at this post. - Jul 2020

The pet quarantine just changed last year from 21 days to 7 days, so it is getting easier to bring a pet, though I believe the paperwork coming in is still quite rigorous and shots have to be all up to date and arranged well in advance of your arrival. People here love dogs and often you'll find people walking them in strollers through parks and streets. I've also seen people with cats on leashes at parks. In YMS there are large mountain dogs who are "owned" but not necessarily on leash or even monitored, though I've never seen any of the dogs be violent with people or other dogs and I run around the area a lot. Vets are many and reliable, and open on weekends. We use one in Tianmu and the staff speaks English which helps immensely. - Dec 2018

Many kennels and vets available, and I think there's no quarantine upon entry. If you have a big dog that needs a lot of exercise, choose the location of your house carefully, as not all locations have big parks or beaches nearby. Lots of little parks everywhere though, but leashes are required. - Jul 2018

I did not personally have a pet, but there are a plethora of pet stores and hospitals. Taiwanese people really value their pets and make sure they are well groomed and cared for. - Mar 2017

You must begin your shots about 6 months before arrival in country. Be sure to make sure you have the correct paperwork. Your pet cannot arrive before you do. There is a required government quarantine kennel that your pet must stay in for 3 weeks. The care there is excellent and you are able to visit your pet. Excellent veterinarians are available and there are good kennels available in the country side where your dog will have more room to exercise while you are away. - Nov 2016

Taiwan has strict rules. People usually have to start paperwork six months before they come, and their pets will be quarantined I think for three weeks. But they allow family members to visit the pet every day. One will see many people carrying their dogs or pushing them along in doggy strollers. Many vets and pet stylists here. - Sep 2015

There is a 3 week quarantine for all pets entering Taiwan. It is very expensive, but the facility is clean and the vets and caretakers are knowledgeable and friendly. Once the pets are out of quarantine, Taiwan is a very pet-friendly post. Plenty of places to walk dogs (and even cats!), and there is a huge dog park near Dazhi. People in taiwan love animals. - Aug 2015

Yes, long quarantine - three weeks. It's expensive, but seems to be high quality. They let you visit your animal while the pet is in quarantine. Good pet care on the island. Many dogs around; many dogs in baby carriages (strange but true). Surprisingly lots of stray mountain dogs though! Taiwan could do more to promote spaying/neutering. - Apr 2015

3 weeks and a lot of paperwork. - Sep 2013

Yes, three weeks. And there is a significant amount of paper work. - Jul 2013

Yes, and it's a bit of a problem. - May 2013

Yes, and lots of paperwork ahead of time. - May 2012

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