What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Rice Krispies, Kraft Mac n Cheese (I have kids!) toiletries such as American deodorant, wrapping paper, tissue paper, but really, nothing that I can’t live without! (Except deodorant!) - Jul 2020

The only thing I've not been able to find here is dried black, pinto, and garbanzo beans, but you can buy cans at Carrefour. I ship the dried beans from the States every so often. - Dec 2018

Nothing, I've been able to find everything we need or crave. - Jul 2018

I shipped everything I needed- but for the unsuspecting definitely ship your own feminine products if you have a particular brand you like, and deodorant/toothpaste. - Mar 2017

I purchase all my tortilla chips and cereal online and have it shipped to post. - Nov 2016

Really nothing. Can get just about everything here. - Sep 2015

you can basically get everything here. I even brought a ton of shampoo and conditioner here but was able to find the same brand here. There's even an Aveda store in Taipei. The one thing I could absolutely not find was tampons! At least you can order those online. - Aug 2015

If there was a way to get good, cheap cheese.... Other than that, you can find most everything you need. There's a local Ikea and Costco. Amazon deliveries are 2-3 weeks. - Apr 2015

Not much, everything is available. - Sep 2013

We can find most everything we need here. And Amazon is so useful for any cosmetic particulars, for instance. - Jul 2013

I'm picky about makeup and hair products, so I bring both. Bring your own deodorant because it is almost impossible to find. Also, bring a certain unmentionable female sanitary product that most American women prefer, but hasn't seemed to catch on in many other parts of the world. In fact, bring a large supply of the afore-mentioned products if needed. You can order them off Amazon if necessary, but they are nearly impossible to find on the local market. Also bring children's pain relievers and cold medicine. - May 2013

Anything liquid you really want to have. Medicines, sunscreen, favorite conditioners. - May 2012

Good beer, wine, and liquor all of which are expensive and hard to find. - Jun 2009

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