How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

If we’re mailing to the US, we use the DPO in AIT. If we are mailing to other countries, we use local postal service, which is cheap and efficient. I’ve also used DHL to express ship packages. - Jul 2020

Local mail is straightforward and affordable and most offices have someone who can speak English in addition to the signage having English, though most AIT employees utilize diplomatic pouch or DPO at work. - Dec 2018

The local post office is cheap and reliable, for both sending and receiving. Sending a postcard from Taipei to Amsterdam is cheaper than sending one within The Netherlands itself. All the mail sent to us to our Taipei address has reached us without problems, usually taking 10-14 days. - Jul 2018

I used the mail room at post. - Mar 2017

I receive my letters and packages by diplomatic pouch. (Expect mail to take 2-4 weeks to arrive.) We can only mail out letters and the smallest flat rate boxes. I use the local post office for boxes. It is fairly inexpensive to mail internationally and times for delivery are less than what it is taking for mail to arrive via the pouch. - Nov 2016

Dip pouch. - Sep 2015

AIT only has pouch, which is a bit slow. It takes about three weeks to receive mail from the U.S. And you cannot send things to the U.S. Through the pouch. - Aug 2015

No DPO. - Apr 2015

I have sent a few packages through the local post office easily and cheaply to the USA. Receiving packages from the USA through AIT takes 2-4 weeks. Letters oddly were taking 5 weeks. - Sep 2013

We are more limited than other posts in what we can send because there is no diplomatic pouch. But recieving goods is no problem. - Jul 2013

We do all mailing through AIT. We have a pouch address, but it isn't a regular DPO. We can't get any liquids. - May 2013

We have DPO for receiving mail and sending letters, but we have used the local post office as well. A bit expensive, but not terrible. - May 2012

Taiwan Post can be a bit pricey to send packages to the States, but AIT has a pouch service for mail (2 weeks each way). - Jun 2009

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