Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Many are available especially if they are Mandarin speakers. My non-Mandarin speaking kids do a combination of TYPA activities at the TAS campus, piano lessons at a Yamaha music center near our apartment and FC Tigers soccer at TAS. There are private tutors galore for all subjects/activities/sports! - Jul 2020

Soccer is available both through local teams and through schools. TAS has an evening team that anyone can enroll in called FC Tigers/Heartbreakers, TES offers teacher-run and third-party sports teams. - Dec 2018

Yes, many options. Lots through school, but also other options exist. - Jul 2018

Only in Chinese. - Nov 2016

TAS has a wide variety of sports or after school activities, most all of which cost money. - Apr 2015

Yes. TAS has a huge program at the school called TYPA. They have every class imaginable. TES also has after school programs. - May 2013

TYPA offers lots of classes for elementary and middle school. The schools offer them as well. - May 2012

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