What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are Taipei city sports centers in each neighborhood, as well as private gyms. At the city sports centers, you can hire instructors for a reasonable rate (cheaper than the US). - Jul 2020

There are a lot of private gyms like World Gym around the city, but Taipei also has several public sport centers. Most have pools, gyms and an assortment of sport courts, and some have climbing walls or other features. There are also public pools throughout the city and outdoor exercise equipment at almost every park as well as running trails along almost every river. There is also an ice rink downtown where people do hockey and figure skating. - Dec 2018

Many gyms, with World Gym being the largest chain. Every district has a government-run sports centre, that will have gym as well, in addition to many other facilities. - Jul 2018

I used the gym in my building, but I had friends who joined gyms for about 40 USD/month. - Mar 2017

Many apartment buildings have gyms. There are gyms in the city one can join as well, including cross-fit gyms. There are excellent bike and running paths along the river and hiking trails in the hills. - Nov 2016

Many of the apartment buildings have gyms. There are also chains, which usually appear to be busy, but I don't know the cost. - Sep 2015

there are more and more gyms opening in Taipei. World Gym is a large gym that has everything. There are two crossfit boxes. There are a few yoga studios and there is even a pole-dancing studio. Most local Taiwanese enjoy running and biking. There are many running races in and outside the city that are fun to participate in. - Aug 2015

We belong to World Gym, which is a poor imitation of a Western gym. But, it's convienant. About US$50/month. There's an active local Cross Fit community. AIT has a small gym. There are yoga studios, running clubs, biking, hiking etc. - Apr 2015

There is a smallish gym at AIT, but there are a few American style gyms throughout Taipei. I used to go to the World Gym in Taipei 101, it was really nice, had fitness classes and a great view. - Sep 2013

Yes. AIT has a very small gym, as do many of the apartment buildings. Large Western-style gyms are increasingly popular. - Jul 2013

Yes. - May 2013

Yes, throughout the city. - May 2012

Lots of big fancy gyms all over the city. Lots of parks also have simple workout machines. There are running tracks and pools all over as well. - Jun 2009

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