What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

There is an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for those students who need the extra help. My children have benefited from reading specialists and speech therapists. There are English as an Academic Language (EAL) specialists as well. - Jul 2020

I've heard that both TES and TAS make it quite difficult to enroll a special-needs child, but if you can somehow slip through the admissions process then they provide great support to the child. - Dec 2018

TES accommodates special-needs more than TAS, but both could do better, as I understand it. - Jul 2018

Not much. - Nov 2016

TAS makes very little, and although TES is a bit better, they don't have the staff to really accommodate special needs. Families really need to research this before coming, I have seen two families really struggle here because they probably should not have come here for this reason. - Sep 2015

Increasingly more so. Still, these are private schools and some families may need to do extra research to ensure their kids are going to thrive. - Apr 2015

I have heard that TAS is doing more to make accommodations for special-needs kids, such as hiring special-ed or experienced teachers. - Jul 2013

TAS and TES don't have the accommodations for kids with more serious special needs. But TAS has a great resource department for kids with mild learning issues. Not sure about TES. Taipei American Adventist School accepts more kids with special needs. - May 2013

TAAS seems willing to take on kids with issues, but you need to make sure they can offer the support your child needs. The classes are small. TAS and TES will take special-needs kids on a case-by-case basis, with TES seeming a tad more willing. They have a speech therapist and reading help in the lower grades, at least. They, however, were unwilling to take my son, who has a severe speech issue and needed speech daily. - May 2012

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