Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. If there are problems, it is generally manageable with bug traps or spray. Yards in Yangmingshan sometimes have snakes. - Jul 2020

Most apartments in the city are devoid of bugs, which I personally find a little scary because I'm not sure what they're using for abatement. All the parks have tons of ants and other bugs. In YMS we have the occasional ant problem indoors, though most bugs stay outside. That's actually been a great part of being here - my kids have learned a ton about the different bug and animal species here. - Dec 2018

There are quite a few cockroaches during the summer, but as long as you don't leave any food out, clean regularly, set traps, and kill the few that have managed to enter your house, you shouldn't have any problems. We had quite a few after first arriving (I think the previous tenants were not very big on cleaning), but having taken the steps outlined above, we rarely see one anymore. If you live at the edge of the city, you'll occasionally see a snake in your garden. - Jul 2018

Not at all. I never saw a bug in my apartment. However, employees living in the mountains can expect some bugs. - Mar 2017

Not too bad considering the tropical climate. The houses in the mountains have snakes and more bugs. Cockroaches can be a problem if you don't clean well. - Nov 2016

Normal insects as a result of a lot of humidity and rain. Mosquitoes and cockroaches if one is not diligent. - Sep 2015

mosquitoes are everywhere and bite a lot but they don't carry any diseases that I know of. - Aug 2015

Mosquitos are out there. I kept a bug zapper in my apartment, which would find many flying victims every week. - Sep 2013

We are in a highrise apartment and have no bug issues. - Jul 2013

Mosquitoes and cockroaches are problems. As are the huge spiders. - May 2013

We have plenty of ants and spiders, but you just have to stay on top of treating for the ants. - May 2012

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