What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Extremely hot and humid for 9 months of the year. - Jul 2020

There are four clear seasons in YMS, though the temperatures are usually about 10 degrees F cooler on the mountain than in Da’an at any given time. It's quite warm from May - October, no need for coats or even really long sleeves. In July and August it can be really hot, so living up higher is a boon. In November it starts to cool off, and by January we use coats and long pants, though the lowest temperatures are usually in the 40s. It can get warm starting in March, but often stays at a very pleasant temperature until mid-May. It does rain a lot in Taipei generally, so bring your rain gear. - Dec 2018

The only real negative for this city is the hot and humid summers. Indoors you'll need ACs (almost all houses will have one in every room), and outdoors you'll sweat a lot. This weather lasts from late May till half September. During the summer there will be an occasional typhoon, which aren't as bad as I previously imagined (lots of rain and heavy winds), but nothing close to Armageddon. The rest of the year the weather is quite pleasant; shorts and t-shirt weather for most of the year, and a mild winter that sometimes requires a sweater or coat. Occasional showers year-round. - Jul 2018

The weather is damp and humid all year around. - Mar 2017

Summer is extremely hot. This past summer we had 5 months of temps. over 90F and often in the 100's with high humidity. Fall is typhoon season with several going through each year. The city is well prepared. Earthquakes are frequent as well. - Nov 2016

Similar to a lot of SE Asia. Warm in the summer, up to 38C or so. Quite pleasant from late October through March. It does not go below 15C or so, although January and February can feel chilly with the rain. Typhoon season brings four or five typhoons, but the city is very well-organized with great infrastructure so it never floods in the city. - Sep 2015

The climate is warm and tropical with a lot of rain. Summers are miserably hot and humid. Winters are cold and damp. In the spring and fall you will suddenly have days that are just gorgeous, but they won't last long! - Aug 2015

Great except for summer which is truly miserable. - Apr 2015

Very hot and humid in the summer. Grey and cool, not cold, in the winter. It rains a lot in Taipei, so having a sturdy umbrella is a very good idea. - Sep 2013

Summer is HOT and HUMID. It's a sub-tropical climate, so lots of humidity and rain. But spring and fall are very nice. The humidity makes the winter feel colder than it actually is, but still not too bad. - Jul 2013

Very wet. Mold is a problem. Spring and Fall are beautiful. Winter is a little cold, and Summer is very hot. It is always humid. - May 2013

Rain, rain, rain, with cool winters. We saw some dips into the 30's during our first winter and plenty of 40's. Hot humid summers. The rain here isn't a shower and then sun. It rains for days. It made Dec. and Jan. particularly hard for me, as the sun only comes out for a few days for the entire month, and it is too cold to just play in the rain. Even during the rest of year, it is usual to have weeks of rain with a few days of sun and then more cloudy rainy days. - May 2012

Very hot, sticky, and humid during the summer, which can last from May to October. Cooler (in the 40s-50s sometimes) and damp during the "winter" months. Lots of heavy rain and typhoons during the summer. - Jun 2009

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