But don't forget your:

Sense of adventure! Try some stinky tofu! - Jul 2020

Camping gear. - Dec 2018

Shorts and if you have a generous shipping allowance, I might recommend bringing some nice pieces of furniture. There's an IKEA, but not many obvious shops to get well-designed furniture. They're there, but you won't find them immediately. If you care about nice furniture, opt for an unfurnished apartment/house as the ones that are furnished usually come with ugly couches, tables and chairs. - Jul 2018

raincoat and rain boots and thick sweater for the cold, damp winter - Aug 2015

Tampons. Seriously. - Apr 2015

Electronics (very expensive in Taiwan). - Sep 2013

umbrella, rain boots and rain coat. - Jul 2013

rain gear, umbrellas, mosquito repellant, and deoderant. - May 2013

rain gear and some cool-weather clothes. It gets colder here than I thought it would. - May 2012

Umbrella, hiking boots, swim cap for hot springs and pools, surfboard, SCUBA gear, bike, sunblock - Jun 2009

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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