Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Taiwan’s public health system and medical care is exceptional. Several Taipei hospitals have international clinics catering to those paying in cash and do not have Taiwan’s National Health Insurance. English and other language services are available at those clinics as well as some other public hospitals. We’ve had very good experiences at Taiwan Adventist Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, and Tri-Service National Hospital in Neihu. Most of the doctors from those hospitals were recommended to us by the AIT Health Unit. The only time I could see a medical evacuation being an option is if the patient’s support system was in another country. It is worth noting that the Taiwan government’s response to COVID-19 was one of the best in the world, if not the best. Taiwan learned from its experience with SARS in 2013 and infectious disease protocols were already in place and followed when COVID-19 hit. The government rationed masks and critical supplies so hoarding was not a problem. There was already high public awareness of how to handle an epidemic—not to gather in groups, wear masks if you must go out, wash hands often and sanitize surfaces were all practiced. Regular reporting by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) about COVID-19 and their transparency prevented panic and built trust in the government. - Jul 2020

Medical care here is exceptional. We had a child here and the pre and postnatal care was great. All other occasions when we've needed medical help we have found it immediately. Most doctors speak English. Many expats in Tianmu go to Veterans Hospital, but expats also use NTU. AIT recommends Adventist Hospital's Priority Care Center, which is indeed very western, with English speaking receptionists, but usually about three times the cost of going somewhere else. - Dec 2018

Medical care is good and cheap, no need to fly abroad for treatment. I do feel GPs prescribe medicine too generously, as though a doctor's visit wouldn't be complete without leaving with at least two types of medication.

Everyone that legally resides in Taiwan is insured via the national health insurance, which covers all the basic treatments, although you still pay 5 USD per visit yourself. Basic dental work is also covered. - Jul 2018

The weather is damp, so it can irritate your skin depending on if you have dry or oily skin. For the average person, there are little to no health concerns here. - Mar 2017

Extreme heat in the summer makes staying in the air-conditioning desirable. A paternalistic view of medicine, so communication and getting questions answered can be difficult. Diagnosis is sometimes off. - Nov 2016

Very good healthcare here. Several doctors and dentists received their medical degrees in the States so no need for interpretation. When my wife had to spend four nights in a hospital she got her own room for basically US$330 a night. - Sep 2015

medical care here is excellent and cheaper than in the U.S. - Aug 2015

No health care concerns. To the contrary, most people with any medical issue would be well take care of on the island. Medical care is good and cheap. Most doctors are U.S. educated and there are enough that you can shop around until you find one you like. - Apr 2015

Medical care is outstanding! Most doctors are U.S. trained, speak English, and costs are very low. Dentists and Opticians seem to be more prevalent than Starbucks. - Sep 2013

Great medical care. Most doctors are U.S. trained. We've had equal if not better care here than we had in the U.S. -- and at a minimal cost. - Jul 2013

Great healthcare, dental, orthodontic, physical therapy. Most doctors and dentists are American trained. - May 2013

Medical and dental care here are good. - May 2012

Generally high quality hospitals and health care - much cheaper than in the US, although submitting paperwork for insurance reimbursement is a bit of a pain. Our son was born at the Adventist hospital, and we were very satisfied with the doctors and care provided. - Jun 2009

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