What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business at a typical office, business casual at a school, fairly casual out in public probably because of the high humidity and heat 9 months out of the year. - Jul 2020

Taipei feels very much like the States, or DC in particular. There are not too many chances to formal wear but people wear business attire to work. Outside of work it's quite casual and often recreational. People here love hiking and exercise, at least the people in YMS and Tianmu. There isn't quite as much skin shown but mainly because most people want to avoid getting tan/sunburned and not out of modesty. - Dec 2018

Business attire at work. Casual in public places. Very hot summers bring out a lot of shorts and t-shirts. A 70F day will bring out jeans and a down jacket. - Nov 2016

In public usually relaxed. It is pretty hot most of the year, so shorts are common among all ages and both genders. Even very wealthy Taiwanese away from work are casually clothed. - Sep 2015

Work is business clothes for Americans but locals dress very casually. Even at a nice restaurant you will see people in cutoff shorts and flip flops. - Aug 2015

At work is business, for Americans. The "rules" for the local staff is less strict with some interesting results. Men wear suits and jackets to meetings. - Apr 2015

Business at work, but in public shorts and a battered white t-shirt with flip flops is the standard for Taiwanese men. For women, super short shorts are ok, but cleavage is frowned upon. - Sep 2013

Ties, suits, heels. - Jul 2013

Similar to US. - May 2013

Suits and ties or women's equivalent for work. After work you will see jeans, shorts, and skirts. - May 2012

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