What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

You can meet new people through classes and activities at the Community Services Center (www.communitycenter.org.tw) in Tianmu. There is also the American Club Taipei (americanclub.org.tw) and Taipei International Women’s Club (http://www.tiwc.org/activities/social.html) - Jul 2020

I've met most my expat friends through schools or work. The Community Services Center in Tianmu offers classes and tours in English for people looking to get out and explore with someone who can lend some expertise to the local culture. There is also meetup and several FB groups for expats, including FIT Friends in Taiwan, Expat Mamas Taipei, Expats in Taipei, and many many others. - Dec 2018

Eating out. Many eating out some more. Taipei is so big with so many restaurants one can never know them all. Also plenty of nice movie theaters. And lots of sports and hiking opportunities. - Sep 2015

many great restaurants and some decent bars. - Aug 2015

Well..... Taiwan is not a (alcohol) drinking culture. There are very few bars for a city this size, you end up going to the same five places over and over. Most young Taiwan singles and couples seem to go to cafes and restaurants to hang out, drinking juice and taking pictures of their desserts for hours on end. Many American singles and couples lament the lack of casual drinking establishments, sports bars, happy hours, etc. Still there are some night clubs, plenty of outdoor activities, great restaurants etc. - Apr 2015

Famous bands (i.e. Megadeth, Lady Gaga), traveling shows (i.e. Cirque Du Solei) all make a stop in Taipei. There are bars, KTV, and a bunch of night markets to keep you entertained. - Sep 2013

My only complaint would be the fact that it's not a huge drinking culture. Drinks are served at dinners or at night clubs, but there aren't many casual bars, or dive bars here. The lounges and cocktail bars can be fun, KKTV isn't too bad. Beyond that, there is still lots to do. You can have as much fun as you want -- you might just have to look harder than at other posts. - Jul 2013

Fun restaurants, nightclubs, karaoke bars, movie theaters, and baseball games. Lots of American singers and musical groups do concerts in Taipei. - May 2013

Some fun bars and clubs downtown. Nice movie theaters with all the latest Hollywood productions. Bustling night markets. - Jun 2009

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