What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Large expat community, especially concentrated around the international schools in Tianmu. Moral is great! COVID-19 is under control so people are cautious, but out and about doing normal meet-ups and activities. - Jul 2020

It's huge. There are expats all over the city. Tianmu is known for having expats because it's where TAS and TES are located, but there are expats everywhere. Almost everyone loves it in Taipei, because it's an incredibly easy place to live. - Dec 2018

Plenty of expats from all parts of the world, but given the size of the city you'd expect more. If you live your life mostly in TianMu, you'll see more than enough expats. Morale is high; 99% of the expats loves living in Taipei, and there's very little to complain about, apart from the hot weather in the summer. Also, the Taiwanese are so extremely friendly and helpful (but not pushy), that you feel very welcome. - Jul 2018

There are many expats in Taipei city. If you are interested in meeting other expats, consider looking into social groups on MeetUp or InterNations. - Mar 2017

Good morale. Smaller expat community than in most places I have lived. The American Institute and schools seem to bring the majority of expats to Taipei. - Nov 2016

Not that large, many of the former expat positions have been moved to Shanghai or Beijing or Singapore. Morale is very good, most people fully realize the safety and ease of living in Taipei. If someone is unhappy here, it can usually be traced back to their boss. - Sep 2015

AIT is much larger than any other foreign mission in Taipei so most of the expats are American. There are quite a few expats here who are teachers. It is easy to make friends outside of AIT which is nice. - Aug 2015

The U.S. presence on the island is about 10x that of the next major "diplomatic" partner. So, you miss the larger expat community. But, people living/working at AIT seem to be very happy, especially families. Most everyone tries to extend. - Apr 2015

There are few other diplomatic expats outside of AIT, but numerous English teachers. - Sep 2013

This is a mid-size post with approximately 150 AIT American FSOs. - Jul 2013

Big. - May 2013

Huge. - May 2012

Lots of English teachers and diplomats. Join the frisbee team (Renegade Province), a soccer/baseball/softball/basketball team, the hashers, hiking clubs, etc. and you'll meet lots of great people. - Jun 2009

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