What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

It is easy to find household help in Taiwan. Most household help are from third countries. You will need to sponsor them and AIT will help you submit the proper paperwork. For part-time work (cleaning and/or babysitting), you can expect to pay 300NT (about 10USD) per hour. We do not hire anyone full-time, so I am unsure about their salaries. - Jul 2020

There are many Filipina nannies who work for expat families and move from family to family as people depart. The hourly rate for part-time help is about NTD$300 or US$10. If you hire full time it can be less per hour because you pay to sponsor them and for their health insurance and travel home once a year. Taiwan-born nannies/helpers are usually more expensive, so people tend not to have local household help. We have employed a Taiwanese Ayi to help everyone learn Chinese, but we seem to be in the minority. - Dec 2018

Filipino maids are easy to find, and cost about 10 dollars per hour. Filipino nannies are about the same rate when hired part-time, or you can pay around 1,300 USD per month for a full-time live-in nanny. - Jul 2018

I had a helper to assist with laundry and cleaning once a week, which cost approximately 33 USD. The CLO newsletter typically has information on household helpers looking for employment. - Mar 2017

I have part-time help at $8.00 USD/hr. Filipino maids & nannies are common. - Nov 2016

Many couples with young children have nannies, but have to sponsor them. Others share a maid, for I think about US$300 a month part time. - Sep 2015

almost everybody has some sort of domestic help whether it is someone to clean once a week or a live-in nanny. - Aug 2015

We employ a once/week, half day cleaner for approximately US$30/week. - Apr 2015

Many Filipino, and a few Thai maids available for 250-300NTD an hour. Most singles hire a maid for 4 hours a week. Easy to find. - Sep 2013

Many families employ a full-time "helper." Part-time help costs appx $250 NTD/hour, or just under $8/hour. Many singles and couples will hire someone to come over and clean for a half day, once a week. No problem. - Jul 2013

Readily available. Most domestic helpers are Filipina, but there are also Thai and Indonesian helpers available. Cost is around $10US per hour for part-time or $800US per month for full-time live-in. - May 2013

It isn't as cheap as where I have been, but somewhere around $600 for full-time or $30 for half a day. - May 2012

Many affordable and highly qualified domestic workers available. - Jun 2009

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