Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Bring your unlocked cell phone and buy a local SIM card. No, we did not keep our home country plan. - Jul 2020

We have a local plan through Chunghua, but there are also other companies, including Taiwan Mobile. Most expats I know use a local cell plan with an unlocked phone. We pay approximately USD$80 a month for unlimited data on two cell phones, a landline and home internet. - Dec 2018

Local providers offer affordable plans, and reception is good almost everywhere. - Jul 2018

We brought unlocked phones and use sim cards. We pay around $25-30 USD/month for unlimited data. - Nov 2016

Either bring an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card or can sign a two year contract and get a new iPhone with it. We did both. Unlimited internet for twenty five dollars on the phone per month. Everyone has a cell here, so very easy to buy one or just get a sim. - Sep 2015

everyone here has an iPhone. The plans are cheaper than in the U.S. and the Internet here is fast. - Aug 2015

Taiwan basically invented cell phones. About US$30/month for 3 or 4G. - Apr 2015

Chunghwa Telecom covers the city really well. - Sep 2013

AIT will help you set up a plan with one of various Smartphones including iPhones. Very common and useful here. - Jul 2013

We pay US$30 a phone for unlimited usage. There are cheaper plans as well. - May 2012

Every model ever made is probably available for sale in Taipei. Lots of prepaid options, and very affordable monthly plans. I paid $9/month for plenty of minutes and texts. - Jun 2009

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