Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes! Convenient, clean and affordable public transportation is one of the best things about Taiwan! There is a high-speed railway that will take you to the south to Kaohsiung in 2hrs or less. - Jul 2020

Public transportation is amazing here, safe, and cheap. The MRT is quick and reliable and each station has buses that extend the service to non-MRT areas. We used taxis, buses and MRT exclusively for the first three months here and were able to get around very easily from YMS. Bus and MRT signs are in English and Chinese, and Google Maps will give you route options for nearby buses with up-to-the-minute arrival times. Uber is now legal here so many people use Uber to get around, but taxis are also numerous and readily available from almost anywhere. To leave Taipei, there are also buses and trains going to almost every corner of the island from Taipei Main Station and then public buses to extend your travel from the other city's train station. - Dec 2018

Yes, yes, and yes.

Public transportation is near-perfect in Taipei. The MRT trains are clean and fast, with short waits (usually 3 minutes at most), and low ticket-prices. Stations are everywhere, and the staff is very helpful. There are also cheap and easy-to-use rental bikes (YouBikes) at every MRT-station (and lots of other locations) to make it even easier to get around. I haven't seen a better MRT system anywhere in the world.

Taxis are affordable and plentiful, and Uber is also available. Scams are extremely rare, and there are many stories of people who forgot their phone or bag in a taxi, only to have it returned by the taxi driver at no charge. - Jul 2018

Taking the metro or train costs the equivalent of about 30 cents. Both are very clean and efficient. If you prefer taxis, a 4-dollar taxi can get you most places in the city. Very rarely will you pay more than 10 dollars (and that's for a 25 minute ride to a suburb). Taxis to and from the Taoyuan Airport (the airport with the majority of international flights) are about 40 dollars, whereas the bus is about 4 dollars (but only comes at specific intervals). Most taxi drivers also have a fixed price service for popular tourist destinations and airports. If you ask a taxi driver for their card, you can call them to schedule a airport pick up for a fixed fee- typically 1000NTD (about 33 dollars) as opposed to the slightly higher unfixed price. - Mar 2017

The MRT is about $1.00 USD, the bus is $0.50 and bikes are available to rent. Taxis are plentiful and fairly inexpensive. All public transportation is safe, clean and timely. - Nov 2016

Very safe and affordable. Subway and buses have English directions and will, among four languages, state in English the next stop. Most taxi drivers do not speak English, so best to have the address you want printed in Chinese. We have used Uber about three times, but the availability is low, probably in large part because there are so many taxis and they are very affordable. - Sep 2015

The metro in the city is reliable, safe, clean and much better than any metro system in the U.S. Taxis are safe, clean, reliable, and the bus system is also very convenient and clean. The trains are fast and convenient. - Aug 2015

Taiwan has the best metro in the world, without compare. It's cheap, clean, fast, and reliable. Taxis are honest and cheap. This has also been a highlight of our time here, the incredible public transportation. - Apr 2015

All are cheap, safe and reliable. Get a smart phone with a maps program to help figure out the bus system, but once you do, it is extremely easy to get anywhere in the city, cheaply. - Sep 2013

YES! Such great public trasportation - metro, buses, cabs etc. All are very reliable and cheap! - Jul 2013

Very safe and very cheap. The taxis in Taipei are the cleanest, nicest taxis I've ever experienced. However, most of the drivers don't speak English. But they are very friendly. I usually show them my destination on Google Maps on my iPad, and they can always get me where I need to go. Buses and MRT are safe and clean. My kids use all forms of public transportation, day and night, and have never had a problem. One of my favorite things about Taipei is the freedom my kids have to get around the city. - May 2013

All is readily available. Buses and metro rides are cheap and easy. Taxis, I think, are a bit expensive, and you never know if the driver will speak English or not. - May 2012

Very very cheap and safe. Basic fare in cabs starts at around $2.50 - most rides are less than $5.The subway (MRT) costs a dollar or two for most trips - half that for the bus. - Jun 2009

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